Nikki Niño

Nikki has always been an explorer. Since  childhood road trips from Arizona to Northern California to now planning overseas excursions for her and fiancé. She has been fortunate enough to visit various popular destinations across the U.S and has made the leap into international travel. In 2015 she had the opportunity to participate in a travel abroad program with Arizona State University to France for a food and culture program. In France she was able to experience Euro Disney for the first time and enjoy the unique ratatouille village and ride. Since that trip she has made it a continuous goal to explore new lands. The most recent excursion was to Japan during the cherry blossom peak. That same trip she was able to visit Tokyo Disney during their Easter celebration which was the most exciting Disney celebration to be apart of. Tokyo Disney is by far the best park to visit due to the commitment to Disney magic.  This trip was the inspiration to get more involved in trip planning. I want to share my love for traveling by planning your dream trip!


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